Remote PDU

Remote PDU intelligent server PDU helps the user remotely and real-time monitor and manage the server room power distribution and micro-environment.

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Remote PDU allows you to restart and remote measurement of power supply, the frame and the data center.Outlets of Remote PDU could be: IEC-C19, IEC-C13 or NEMA 5-20 sockets outlets.
Remote PDU the administrator to provide capacity, more effective management of server, server downtime and reduced by giving direct access to power control.RPDU (remote Power Distribution Unit) is an intelligent server rack power distribution solution, based on the embedded applications technology, SNMP, SSH, sensor network node and other high-techs. It helps the user remotely and real-time monitor and manage the server room power distribution and micro-environment, with an easy-to-read load display a nd Web interface, supporting multiple-user system and multiple network access methods.
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